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Throughout the Bay Area, many co-ed flag football programs exist, and an extremely high percentage of the participants are boys. To our knowledge, there are currently no girls-only leagues of significant size. Participation by girls in co-ed leagues drops percipitously as they reach 3rd and 4th grades and beyond. We believe the number of girls participating in flag football would be much higher if we were able to offer a girls-only program. Our goal is to create a girls league and kick it off in the Fall of 2018. The league divisions will be based on grade-levels, and our goal is to have 4 teams for each grade level from K through 8, for a total of 360 participants.


Girls drop out of sports for a variety of reasons. Lack of access, social stigma, decreased quality of experience when compared to boys sports, and cost to name a few. The benefits of their continued participation are significant. Girls who are physicall active:



◦   Have higher self esteem, more positive body image and are less likely to suffer from depression.


◦   Are physically healthier and at lower risk for obesity


◦   Are far less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior or to abuse drugs and alcohol.


◦   Do better academically & are more likely to graduate from high school


◦   If active in sports during adolescence and young adulthood are 20% less likely to get breast cancer later in life.

Source: Women's Sports Foundation


We want to provide girls with the opportunity to play in a league that is built just for them. We want to eliminate the barriers to participation and create an experience that compares to other elite programs.

Subsidized Registration Costs

Instead of the typical $175 to $200 registration fee, we will charge a token $25 fee for registration. Families with financial need will have the fee waived.

Staff Coaches and Parent Volunteers

We will staff local high school and collegiate female athletes to serve as coaches, with the help of parent volunteers.

Quality Experience

We will have a pre-season festival, post-season tournament, and plenty of fun surprises along the way.

League Photography and Videography

We'll staff a number of media specialists to make sure we capture the inaugural season.


Make a Donation

Our estimated cost to launch this program is $35,000, which is our fundraising goal. You can support this initiative by making a donation on-line, or by sending a check payable to:

Play NorCal
Attn: Girls Flag Football Program
545 Westchester Drive, Suite A
Campbell, CA 95008